Outing to Hatfield House

Last week the All Aboarders volunteers took a trip to visit the gardens at Hatfield House. We chose to visit on a Thursday as the usually private East Garden can be accessed that day. A number of us took advantage of the quick train from Welwyn Garden City and then started the day with a coffee at the Stable Yard shops.

The All Aboarders at the Elephant Dell

There are many gardens and areas to explore around Hatfield Park but the group favourite seemed to be the Elephant Dell. This is a quiet area in the East garden with impressive life sized elephant sculptures formed from welded horseshoes. They have winter jasmine growing through them which must look stunning in flower.

The Sundial garden by the Old Palace has a complex and interesting sundial with directions to places all around the world. Unfortunately we didn’t have strong enough sun to use it!

We bumped into a number of automatic lawnmowers keeping the grass under control all around the park, and met the head vegetable gardener (Bill or Ben? Spot him in the photos below).

Everyone had a lovely day out and we are looking forward to organising more trips for the group in future.

Published by aawgc

All Aboarders is the WGC Station Adoption Group. We are volunteer citizens greening the station

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