Photo Display at WGC Station

The All Aboarders have installed a display of heritage photos in the Waiting Room on Platform 3 at WGC Station. A display of 12 photos includes different views of the main station from soon after it was opened in 1926 to the when the Booking Hall was demolished in the late 1980’s.

Colin Bifield, AA Vice-Chairman says “We want to show how the station looked in the 1920’s and 1930’s, through to a view of the ticket office shortly before it was demolished. The photos complement the Heritage poster which is also displayed in the waiting room. There are other photos of the railway in the local area. We hope that the display will be interesting to those passengers who remember the old station and to those passengers currently using the station. We intend change the display from time to time, as more photos become available.”

If you have access to any photos that may be of interest, please contact Colin on 07855 876732.

Published by aawgc

All Aboarders is the WGC Station Adoption Group. We are volunteer citizens greening the station

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