All Aboarders have 24 active gardening volunteers and we welcome new members. We generally meet for a few hours on alternate Thursday and Saturday mornings, but with no time obligation required. Read below to get to know some of the current volunteers and what you can expect from joining the All Aboarders.

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Meet some of the team

Judy I joined because I felt a Garden City should have a station that lives up to the town’s name. Since then I have met many new people and gardening with them has been a pleasure . It makes it all worthwhile when people on the station comment about the the improved environment and how it enhances their travel experience.

Colin I joined the All Aboarders on our formation in February 2018 because I wanted to help to improve the environment at our station and I really enjoy working outside. I love working with such a great team of people with diverse skills and we get satisfaction from seeing the difference that we are making, both on the platforms and inside the waiting rooms. Volunteering with the All Aboarders is great both physically and mentally and it is very satisfying to know that we are engaging with the local community. We get a lot of appreciation from the station users which makes it all worthwhile

Sam I was looking for something to volunteer in and noticed the unusual name of the group, and thought it would be a good way of making friends and doing something useful. I enjoy gardening but don’t know the first thing about plants. I’ve been amazed by the horticultural knowledge of some of the volunteers and it is great to work alongside them and find out so much about plants. I feel good making a small difference to this great town. I’ve met some wonderful people who have been so welcoming to me as a newbie.

Beth I joined the All Aboarders after being impressed by the initial flowerbed improvements during my rail commutes. As a relative newcomer to the town I have found real friendship within the group and feel more connected to the community.

Want to join us?

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