The AllAboarders turn 5!

On March 15th 2018 the inaugural meeting for the “WGC Station Adoption Group” was held. 5 years later the group now called the AllAboarders is still going from strength to strength, with a history of proud accomplishments to look back on. Working together with GTR contractors and station staff, and with support from sponsors, here are some of the highlights of our achievements:

2 raised beds with seating areas (platforms 1&2)

12 troughs by the station buildings

2 large flat beds on platforms 1&2

Sleeper edging for original beds on platforms 3&4

Heritage gallery created in the waiting rooms

Hundreds of bags of new compost and soil conditioner added

Renovation of mature planting including pine trees, pampas grass, laurel hedges & roses

3 Christmas trees decorated – with 1 winning the St Francis tree festival!

The volunteers have given more than 1600 hours of their time in all weathers (and safely through the difficult covid period) to water, weed, plant & prune. An immeasurable amount of time has also gone into planning, co-ordination, applying for grants, securing sponsorship, creating marketing materials and maintaining our online presences. Our thanks goes to everyone involved in any way at all.

There’s still plenty to do whether its a big project or weekly planting maintenance – here’s to the next 5 years!

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