Garden on a Roll Donations

We were very pleased to be approached by one of our partners Garden on a Roll with the offer of plants to help fill some of our larger beds.

The beds on platforms 3/4 were enhanced with edging a year ago by rail contractors, and then filled with compost by volunteers in spring. They feature some of the old (original?) roses, the wonderful pine trees, witch hazel and some other mature shrubs. But there was still plenty of space for more!

Antony Henn, local nurseryman and owner of Garden on a Roll came to a volunteer session with a van full of plants. He used his expert knowledge to arrange the plants around the various beds, explaining which would prefer each position and any specific plant care. We know we can trust Antony as the beds on the opposite platforms that he planted up a number of years ago look fabulous.

The volunteers worked to dig, plant and water in all the plants. We weren’t sure how many we received to start with so counted the pots after everything was in. The grand total was 103 plants! We are very grateful for the generous and continued support from a local company.

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