WGC Station Heritage Space

As we go through the winter months and gardening takes backstage there is an opportunity to think about how we can help to improve the station in other ways.

We are delighted with the transformation of the Waiting Room on Platform 3 now that the Heritage and Interpretation Posters are in place.

Heritage railway posters in the waiting room

The frames,  being painted a heritage green to match the station repainting, have enhanced the overall effect.  

Many thanks to GTR and Karen Sherwin, our station manager, for their provision and installation. Also to Peter Wayne, chair of the WGC Centenary Foundation, for the ‘virtual unveiling’ of the posters.

Our aim is to make the waiting rooms more interesting places to wait.

We would like to create a exhibition areas for displaying collections of old photographs related to the station and railway.

This is where your help is needed. If you have any old photographs that we could use (or know someone who does) please get in touch.

Published by aawgc

All Aboarders is the WGC Station Adoption Group. We are volunteer citizens greening the station

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