Christmas Tree Festival 🎄

The All Aboarders have once again entered the Christmas Tree Festival hosted by St Francis Church, WGC.

Our Tree is entitled “On Track for Christmas” and is decorated with recycled items such as train tickets & pine cones

Please come along to support the event if you can –
Saturday 5th Dec 12-6pm
Sunday 6th Dec 12-5pm

Full details can be found on the flyer at the bottom of this page.

The living tree which we decorated for the train station waiting room last year was planted in a platform bed where it thrived. This has been carefully dug up and potted on to be used this year at the festival.

After the festival it will again cheer up the waiting room for travellers on platforms 3/4.

The All Aboarders would like to thank all our volunteers and supporters for another great year at WGC station, we hope all have a festive Christmas season and wonderful New Year!

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